Someone sent me a link to a nice project called SumoVizUnity:
a Unity3D project for visualization of pedestrian simulations.

Although it seems the project is not actively developed1, however it is still very easy to use and has some nice features like:

Here is a nice demo on Vimeo (German speaker but whatever).

Well now, would it not be great to use this fantastic project to visualize simulations created by JuPedSim?

SumoVizUnity needs two different file:

the names are hard coded, but surely can be changed in the code. For the time being let’s just don’t care.

What we need is a parser to convert JuPedSim’s files in SumoVisUnity required formats, move the produced files in the directory where SumoVisUnity lives and fire it up:

# call the parser 
python3 scripts/ jupedsim_geometry.xml jupedsim_trajectory.xml

# mv the files to SumoVisUnity directory
mv geometry.txt b090_combined.txt ~/SumoVizUnity

# run SumoVizUnity
./SumoViz\\ Unity SumoViz\ Unity

That is it.


Control the visualization

I found these keystrokes helpful to control the scene:

Python script

Get the script from the jpscore repository.



  1. The project was forked by accu:rate and is undergoing an active development. Check this fork