Lectures and Supervisions

Regular Lectures

The following lectures are given in cooperation with the Department of Computer Simulation for Fire Safety and Pedestrian Traffic in the University of Wuppertal

  • Fundamentals of traffic flow theory (German, winter)
  • Pedestrian Dynamics - CSIS (English, winter)
  • Evacuation Simulation (German, summer)

Invited Lectures

Lecture at the School of Transportation and Logistics, Southwest Jiatong University, China

  • Introduction to space-continuous models of Pedestrian Dynamics
    • evolution of models in 1D
    • stability analysis and stop-and-go waves
    • application and simulations with NetLogo
  • Space-continuous models of Pedestrian Dynamics in 2D
  • force-based models vs. velocity-based models
  • path-finding and different routing algorithms
  • application and simulations with NetLogo
  • Applied Crowd Management with JuPedSim